Adela Raduta“I was very glad I chose to participate in the training Personal Development Counsellor with Mugur Badarau. Since the early hours of the first module I knew I could not make a better choice for such training.
Although, knowing Mugur, I had already expected everything to be at a very high level of professionalism for each module, I was surprised by the naturalness and the unique way through which Mugur shares his knowledge during this course.
When you have in front of you a trainer who offers his soul, lets the emotions be on sight and lets you freely choose from the multitude of knowledge which he has accumulated with effort for years, you can only be happy for the opportunity of having your ‘professor’ and I wholeheartedly tell him: Thank you!
Besides being an intense and challenging learning experience, the Personal Development Counsellor with Mugur Badarau is a fun adventure, with an authentic trainer, a course which, in my case, impacted profoundly my professional life and beyond.
I fully recommend the course and the trainer to all those who want a different perspective on personal growth.
Good luck, Mugur! Good luck, fellow counsellors!”

Adela Raduta, Psychologist, Personal Development Counsellor


Ovidiu Costescu“I do not know with what to start when I think about of my participation in the course Personal Development Counsellor. Shall I start with the trainer Mugur Badarau, with the course itself, or with the group formed during the 5 modules? It’s a tough decision, but I eill start with the one who supported us throughout our training.
There are some people who are built for what they do and Mugur is one of them. With a vast knowledge in the field of psychology and the human search, Mugur has the gift to convey what he knows in a thousand ways so that eventually you can grasp completely what he transmits. And the way he does it is with great patience, attention and understanding to those in front of him, so that once you understand an aspect, it is almost impossible to forget it. It was not easy at all because I had a trainer who put us in the most difficult situations so that we became aware of our own limits and comfort zones and use the tools learned to see that we could go over them. And, God, it is good when things that pester you for years fall off just as a house of cards.
That leads me to my own benefit, because it’s so easy now to work with my clients when I surpass my own challenging emotions, and this is perhaps the first thing that changed me during this training. And now I have varius tools and nice people as support because this is what happened: around Mugur, a group of cool specialists in personal development counselling formed and, should I forget something or should I need to do better with myself or my clients, I have around me people to turn to. I am so grateful. Thank you so much.”

Ovidiu Costescu, Personal Development Counsellor


Viorel Pletea“When I asked a friend for a recommendation so that I could learn how to be non-directive with those around me, I was given one single name: MUGUR BADARAU!!
And my friend was not wrong!
It is said that, if you want to learn top things in a certain area, you need to go to the best in the branch!
In the “personal development counselling” I chose the best one: Mugur Badarau! A nonconformist, a special persona who, in the shortest time possible, “enlightened” me on how to become non-directive in the simplest way possible.
The only thing you have to do is to choose!
I chose and now I know that I do not regret anything. I have been having the most pleasant and best results.
Thank you, Mugur!”

Viorel Pletea, Personal Development Counsellor


Georgiana Baragan“When you start on a new path, you need someone to inspire you, support you, and give you constructive feedback when you needed it. Mugur represents that person for me and I recommend him to all who are interested to start a career in counselling for personal development. A wonderful human being and an experienced trainer, he finds the best ways to motivate yourself to get over the critical moments and go on.”

Georgiana BaraganPersonal Development Counsellor


Sorina Ion“The training ‘Personal Development Counsellor’ is about honesty, trust, emotion, joy of giving. It’s like a spring rain that clears your thoughts and fills your soul with good. The change starts with you, then you understand and feel that you have the power to give to others from what you have, that you can truly be with them in their quest, because you have acquired the attitudes and skills of a specialist.
I recommend wholeheartedly to enjoy every opportunity of meeting Mugur – a true professional, a friend you had been waiting all your life. Thank you, Mugur!”

Sorina Ion, Personal Development Counsellor

Liliana Dan“The Trainer course further stregthened my admiration for Mugur and the belief that I made the right decision when I chose to learn from him. And, this time, I was surprised to meet also Sorin. Two different personalities, two different backgrounds, two different approaches that perfectly complemented. I really liked a lot that both of them were there for us, the participants, leaving no unresolved queries. And, thanks to the supportive framework, I managed to overcome my fear of speaking in front of an audience. What did I get from this course? Knowledge, skills and attitude, three essentials to become a top trainer! I recommend with confidence Mugur and Sorin and their two high-impact courses!”

Liliana Dan, Trainer, Personal Development Counsellor, Physician, trainee Psychotherapist


Iulia Brinzan“When I speak about Mugur Badarau, all that comes to my mind is… Wikipedia. I recommend him for his Professionalism, and for being a true Encyclopaedia and a big Heart. This is Mugur Badarau. I feel so lucky because I learned from the best trainer.
Thank you Mugur Badarau!”

Iulia Brinzan, Trainer, Psychologist, Personal Development Counsellor


Mihaela Geicu“I recommend without the slightest restraint the course “Personal Development Counsellor” and, moreover, any course facilitated by Mugur Badarau, a true professional and a great teacher. The reasons are as simple as they are significant: a really well structured, perfectly balanced approach between theory and practice, a trainer who shared with us, without any hesitation, the secret of his own success. After the course, I went with the “job” in the bag, which is a big thing nowadays. A comprehensive training from all points of view!”

Mihaela Geicu, Personal Development Counsellor and Business Development Manager


Liliana Dan“Throughout my career I have attended various professional and personal development training programmes, but the course “Personal Development Counsellor” is something else. The format, the teaching, the generosity of information, all highlight the complex background and the mark on Mugur’s whole work, imprinted by all the European schools which he has attended. Patience, fairness, interest in each participant, availability, professionalism are just some of the features that recommend Mugur as a trainer. The beauty of the course is that, besides acquiring all the skills of a successful personal development counsellor, what mattered to me the most was that, by the end of the course, I became another person.”

Liliana Dan, Personal Development Counsellor, Physician, trainee Psychotherapist


Iulia Brinzan“Thank you Mugur for this extraordinary and unique “journey” called “Personal Development Counsellor”.
MUGUR, a sensible PERSON, a PROFESSOR of great value and a FRIEND whom you have been searching for a lifetime!

Iulia Brinzan, Personal Development Counsellor, Psychologist


Alina Pavel“I went to Mugur’s course without knowing exactly what I would find there. I went at the recommendation of a friend, who had been also a trainee and who knew that I wanted to specialise in the field of counselling for personal development. What I liked about this course was the fact that it wasn’t one of those courses where, because you paid some money, you were entitled to a diploma at the end. Mugur showed seriousness and dedication during all the stages of the course. We all worked together, Mugur worked with us and we worked with Mugur and, at the end, we all felt that we have what we need and even more in order to be excellent counsellors. I felt that Mugur employed a “German style” all the way. And… the exam, it was my first exam that I really passed without having to spend extra study hours since everything was clear from the course. I really enjoyed the course and I feel that this was the first real step in my career. The result? Even during the course I worked pro-bono with clients and, at less than two weeks after graduation, I had my first paying client. Thank you, Mugur, for the encouragements, for the support and for offering us so much so that, at the end, you could tell us that you are proud of us!”

Alina Pavel, Personal Development Counsellor and Trainer


Malina Chirea“I started this course with the objective of acquiring the skills and competences necessary for a Personal Development Counsellor. During the five modules, I worked so intensely with myself so that I succeeded to tear down fears which I never knew I had and which were profoundly limiting me. I am truly grateful to Mugur and my colleagues who were my guides on this path. Now I have both reached my initial objective, and also a better understanding of myself.”

Malina Chirea, Personal Development Counsellor and CoFounder of Initiative for Happiness Association


Gabriela Ciucurovschi“I have found an excellent teacher in Mugur. His capacity for structuring information, the practical applicability of this information, his clear and pertinent explanations have all been useful to me, both for myself and as a specialist. I truly recommend the Personal Development Counsellor course to everyone who wishes to accelerate their own development or to support others in making use of their potential.”

Gabriela Ciucurovschi, Psychosociologist and Author of the books “7 Step’s For Children’s Happiness” and “Talk To Your Child”


Raluca Vlad“Mugur is truly open towards constructive and instructive dialogue, towards interaction and practice, in order to challenge you to overcome your own limits or to achieve your boldest goals. He is that type of trainer that offers you exactly what you want to experience in order to acquire or to develop skills, which you yourself believe you need. A trainer out of the box, a unique way to awaken in people the desire to act and evolve and, above all, a remarkable person.”

Raluca Vlad, Personal Development Counsellor and Short Fiction Author


Laura Ispasescu“The five months were an amazing experience that produced many changes in me and my life. I learned a lot of things with immediate application and found out that my development path is… continuous. This was just one of the unexpected discoveries made ​​with the help of Mugur, who has the gift to brighten the mind and soul and to attract around him only special people, such as my course colleagues.
At the end of the course “Personal Development Counsellor, I can say that I got the skills of a professional that can accompany everyone who wants and seeks support on their own path of development, and this is a wonderful gift! Thank you, Mugur!”

Laura Ispasescu, Personal Development Counsellor, mother, artist and much more


Alina Barcan“The five months were in the superlative. It was for the first time in my life that I passed an exam without perusing my notes or the course materials. Well done, Mugur. Excellent training. Excellent teaching technique. I truly developed new skills during the course ‘Personal Development Counsellor’. I not only have a paper that gives me a title, but I also have a new profession. “

Alina Barcan, Personal Development Counsellor and Manager in a multinational company


Traian Popescu“The interaction with a person having the profile of Mugur is by itself a training experience which offers you the chance to access extremely valuable resources that you cannot meet in the everyday life.
I strongly recommend the use of the opportunities offered by the courses he facilitates. Personally, I lived this experience and it is extraordinary.
Thank you, Mugur!”

Traian Popescu, Attorney


Adela Caster“It changes things – and you change first. Then, you understand and know and  have the capacity to really help others to evolve towards the direction they want. Until you meet Mugur, you think that you cannot be more than you are and you cannot know more than you do. After you meet him, not only with the mind, but also with the open heart, you realise the gift he offers you, gift you can offer on your turn to others…”

Adelaida Caster, Personal Development Counsellor


Elisa Rusu“My coaching experience with Mugur was higly beneficial for me. In addition to the fact that from the very first moment I felt comfortable with him, with Mugur I succeeded in finding all the answers I was looking for. I had heard about personal coaching before but, until having this experience, I didn’t believe it would be so easy, with the help of a professional, to resolve by yourself dilemmas and to take the right decisions. Now, everything is so clear!”

Elisa Rusu, Manager, Transilvania Bank


Mirela Voinea“An extraordinary experience! The programme for Trainers is a programme where we were listened to, we were guided and we learned a lot, and all this thanks to the trainers. Thank you, Sorin and Mugur!

Mirela Voinea, Manager, Overseas Group



Adrian Raulea“The trainers’ experience, the way the information is delivered and the applicability of the concepts in daily life make me recommend the programme for Trainers not only to those who deliver courses, but also to organisational managers and leaders. It is a MUST HAVE!”

Adrian Raulea, Psychologist and Trainer


Gabriela Moruz“I felt just like in school… for only 10 minutes, and then the enthusiasm of Mugur and Sorin changed my state, and I forgot it was week-end and we had great fun learning new things in a fresh way. I managed to structure the information I had, I assimilated new information and I further developed my skills as Trainer. Thank you and see you during other training programmes!”

Gabriela Moruz, Manager, Holcim (Romania)


Cristian Savulescu“I’ll put it simply: Mugur is living his passion to be the inspirational, resourceful, creative, kind and committed coach he is. I warmly recommend him to anyone looking to both reach any goal and to enjoy the journey in between. End of story.”

Cristian Savulescu, Key Account Manager, Romtelecom



Ofelia Neagu“I met Mugur during the NLP classes, where he was one of my trainers. One of the most important aspects I noticed is his ability to create the right space for your development as a trainee. He is a very good trainer, challenging you to discover new perspectives, new facets of the techniques taught during classes, while he also offers you all the resources and information you might need. Mugur is really there for you, supporting you in the learning process, always giving valuable practical tips, which helps you as a trainee to prepare for the specific (and sometimes challenging) situations one might encounter in practice. He is a very open minded, flexible and people-oriented person. I highly recommend Mugur as a training professional.”

Ofelia Neagu, Specialist PR, Allianz-Tiriac Asigurari


Vlad Florin Balteanu“I attended several NLP courses and had the chance to meet Mugur. If he were my professor during my student times, I would had become a fan of studying and, implicitly, an outstanding student (it is such a pity that our education system does not have such people). With the help of Mugur I also discovered some issues, some of which I have already solved, others I still have to fix. I strongly recommend Mugur to everybody interested in their personal and professional development.”

Vlad Florin Balteanu, Executive Manager, Audit Lex


Mihai Duca“I strongly recommend the NLP training activity of Mugur. His exceptional skill to communicate his ideas to a wide variety of people proves to be a guarantee that in the end the trainees will leave with both a smiling face and a benefit of knowledge. An excellent interactive experience, great value in the trainings, highly professional results and a great human touch. Highly recommended.”

Mihai Duca, Head of local Program Management team, Infineon Technologies


Beatrice Tutanescu“Mugur is a coach gifted by nature. He has a wide range of knowledge, experience and practical wisdom, plus a sharp sense of humour. He possesses the great ability to locate blockages and barriers, which I couldn’t see myself. Mugur is a living example of the effectiveness of the tools he utilises.”

Beatrice Tutanescu, General Manager, Cascada de Ciocolata


Dan Mihaescu“Mugur is the coach that I fully trust, and I know I can work with him on any of my problems. Besides the many techniques that he masters and intuitively combines, he has a natural gift for this activity. He is a person in whose presence you feel much better automatically. I also appreciate the way Mugur knows how to get to the essence of the problem in order to facilitate deep and lasting changes.”

Dan Mihaescu, Holistic Coach & Qigong instructor, Coaching Sparks


Carmen Preda“When I first met Mugur, I had the impression that we know each other for a lifetime. Spontaneous, natural, careful, caring, empathetic, communicative, with sense of humour, the shoulder you can cry on, the hand that offers help, the smile that clears up your day, this is Mugur… my friend.”

Carmen Preda, Psychologist, Independent Psychology Practice


Despina Tirtea“It is rather difficult to say just a few words about Mugur because there is so much to say about him. Energetic, always cheerful, positive, supportive, ready for action at any time, highly trained in his field, dedicated to objectives. A professional in every sense of the word and a friend whom you always want close you.”

Dr. Despina Tirtea, MD, President, Association of Medical Representatives in Romania


Irina de Hillerin“Mugur is one of the few coaches in Romania who possesses a solid educational and practical experience, which I mostly appreciate at professionals active in this field, and, in addition, he grew and developed himself interacting with three types of extremely rich cultures (Romanian, Bulgarian and British). And this gives him freedom of thought and a vision that we rarely find among people who facilitate others change and personal and professional development. To me, Mugur is a resource-person and I confidently recommend him.”

Irina de Hillerin, Organisational Psychologist


Sorin Feroiu“I met Mugur the NLP training organised by him and his partners. The way he interacted with us, the participants, attracted and impressed me. Mugur has the rare quality of listening and understanding before expressing his view. And when he speaks, his arguments are based on extensive knowledge of the subject. Mugur’s interventions during the training have always been those who have brought additional clarity to the matter being discussed, or they  have challenged the students to look at things from another perspective, a broader one. And all these brought me a valuable learning experience. I recommend Mugur both for his skills of offering learning experiences to a large group of people, and also for 1-to-1 interactions in the process of coaching or counselling.”

Sorin Feroiu, Managing Partner, Sfera Business


Daniel Cojocaru“Mugur’s ceaseless activity outside the classroom proves his enthusiasm for a continuous self-improvement, also seen in his desire to keep up with the latest news in his field of work. I am consequently 100% sure that any of his classes would prove a rewarding investment, as well as a unique chance in one’s personal development. 

Last but not least, I must add that for the above mentioned reasons I highly recommend Mugur as a unique person with great experience, a valuable professional and a high-class trainer.”

Daniel Cojocaru, Owner, SOHO


Radu Costea“Mugur is the friend you always want to be close to! I met him as the trainer during an NLP course where he added extra value by his presence and his way of being. You always feel him close, giving you new perspectives to think about. He is truly honest and he helps you see the perfect solution for you, without giving you advise. My only regret about him is that… I did not meet him sooner! Mugur needs no recommendation! It is enough to know him! He has a lot to offer and he does from all his heart!”

Dr. Radu Costea, MD, General Director, Dentexpert Magic


Camelia Petkowski“Rarely have I been given the opportunity to meet such a well-rounded person as Mugur. I believe that his coaching abilities are  the result of his pleasant disposition combined with a solid base of knowledge and skills. At the same time, his language and behaviour flexibility are being constantly facilitated and empowered by his open-minded perspective on everything and everyone. I have always been fascinated by his capacity to create a mentally and emotionally safe space for his clients to be themselves, a place where they can start believing and creating the life they truly desire. Being around Mugur, you can´t help to feel special and fully accepted for who you are, and this is a rare luxury in the modern world. I can´t think of a better and more trustworthy person to recommend as a coach.”

Camelia Petkowski, nlp-Resonanz® Coach


Loredana Scripcaru“About Mugur I can say so many nice things that I actually don’t know where to start. When I met him, we were colleagues in the NLP Practitioner course and, recently, I could watch him during one of the workshops he organises. I am always impressed by his manner of interacting with the participants. I think he is the most optimistic, flexible, calm, empathic and well-trained person I know. Mugur possesses an enormous and solid knowledge base, and he is always ready to support you in your development process by guiding you without giving any advice and by offering you the support you need to better integrate this process. What I mostly appreciate about Mugur are three essential qualities: the way he instruments every idea he expresses (clearly, concisely, and without any bias), his ability to blend harmoniously and intuitively the multitude of techniques he employs, and his contagious smile that radiates on his face and makes you feel better instantly.”

Loredana Scripcaru, Head of Marketing & Commercial Office, Casstil SA

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