Archetypal Alchemy

This workshop is for you if:

  • you want to have a harmonious relationship with yourself by becoming aware of the archetypal patterns you manifest and of the ones you need to develop;
  • you want to have a balanced couple relationship by understanding what does function and what doesn’t function between the two of you and how you can change that;
  • you want to have harmonious relationships with other significant people.

Workshop content:

  • understanding and integration of fundamental masculine /feminine archetypes (original models): King / Mother, Warrior / Heroine, Magician / Initiator, Lover / Femme Fatale;
  • identification and transformation of the shadows for each fundamental archetype;
  • understanding the manifestation and relations between the fundamental archetypes for couple relationship and for relationships with significant people in your life.


  • you will identify the dominant archetype, will discover the specific qualities and gifts, and will understand and transform the potential manifestation of shadows;
  • you will understand what does function and what doesn’t in your couple relationship and what specifically you can change so that the relationship becomes harmonious;
  • you will improve the relationships with other significant people in your life (family, friends, colleagues, etc.)

Duration and location:

  • the workshop is developed over a period of five evenings: May 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th and June 6th, 2013, between 18.00 and 21.00 h
  • location: Bucharest


  • Alina Radu, authorised trainer
  • Mugur Badarau, authorised trainer, Personal Development Counsellor, nlp-Resonanz® Coach


  • Lei 680 (for all 5 module of the workshops)
  • should you enroll more people in the course, you receive a 5% discount for each enrolled person.


More information:

  • Mugur Badarau:, 0722 724 860
  • Alina Radu:

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